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Posted by scissorboy on Jul. 09, 2009 For a MORE FREE hair salon marketing videos, green salon ideas, and greening your salons to help save the environment, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: This video is a 1st in a series of hair salon marketing ideas which I will be prepared for you. Lets face it, having a green salon is absolutely crucial towards helping conserve resources and save the environment. And greening your salon is a lot easier than you think!From our first *green* episode you will learn:*How to choose energy efficient lighting which contains less mercury and less toxins*Why recycling almost everything in your salon is much more cost effective than throwing it in the trash*How human hair scraps are used to clean up crude oil spills*Which products have toxic chemicals in them that can make your hair look better, but in the end are not healthy for you or your clientsBut the most important thing you will get out ...

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