Hacking Hollywood: The Dark Knight

Posted by WePCtv on Apr. 17, 2009

What would your life sound like if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman? On this Hacking Hollywood, Batman hacks into Gotham’s cell phone network in The Dark Knight. To find the Joker, he uses sonar to create a virtual image of the city. Is it unethical to spy on citizens to find a killer?Learn more about this weeks Hackers:Sarah Atwood - http://sarahatwood.netSean Bury - http://invisibleengine.comClint Gage - http://teamtigerawesome.comNick Mundy - http://teamtigerawesome.comKent Nichols - http://askaninja.comRick Rey - http://rickrey.comMichael Truly - http://teamtigerawesome.comMatt Wyatt - http://invisibleengine.com

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