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http://www.DrBruceShelton.com - It has been predicted that the swine flu will overwhelm the United States and the world. It is my opinion that the swine flu is not the deadly scourge they claim it will be. I managed to treat a patient to feel better in 24 hours and over the problem in 48 hours. I personally have not had a flu vaccination since 1979 and I have never been so sick and have not had one since.The theory behind flu injections is to create an anti-body behind the flu virus that has the H and the N receptors. This years flu is H1 and N1. Homeopaths have created the influenza end and create influenzinum that can be used to treat all types of flu. In 1918 when the first flu epidemic came around, the homeopaths had almost a 99% success rate in treating flu and these remedies are available today.If you do not want to get a flu shot but do want to take precautions in preventative treatment for the flu, consider getting the Homeopathic Flu Kit, Dr. Bs Advanced Flu Remedy Treatment. ... Distributed by

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