Gypsy Jazz School Free Lesson 3 - Warm Up Exercises

Posted by gypsyjazz on Apr. 22, 2013

In this lesson, you will learn how to warm up before you play the guitar. I give you a few stretching exercises that I personally use to warm up before a practice, gig, performance, etc... It is the best way to prevent injuries in your arms muscles and tendons due to long periods of time playing the guitar. I , Yaakov Hoter, at http-// will teach you to play the guitar in a comprehensive, understandable, and unique teaching method. You will learn everything you need to know from a beginning to an advanced level. I will not just give you licks or tricks on the guitar , I will teach you how to fully understand what you play so that you will be able to use it again in other styles of music. I will not give you a fish to eat , I will teach you how to fish so that you will be able to feed yourself for your whole life.

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