Gymnastics Bloopers Funny

Posted by james2007uk on Nov. 21, 2007

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This is a great video compilation of gymnastics bloopers. There are some hilarious clips of both male and female competitors falling off balance beams and accidentally flying off the parallel bars. It has plenty of shots that will make you laugh and cringe. Apparently falling on your head could be an Olympic event in and of itself. Make sure to stay for the end of the gymnastics bloopers video because there is a funny clip of a male gymnast who does a complete face plant into the vault. Ouch!Gymnastics bloopers are the funniest because it's just one gymnast fail after another. These gymnastics funnies are there to make non-athletes feel good about themselves. Whether it's falling crotch first on the balance beam or a floor routine face plant, prepare for some olympic sized laughs.

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