Gummy Bear Song (English)

Posted by gummimaci on Oct. 18, 2007

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If you have not gotten enough of the Gummy bear song in English then this video was designed specifically for you. If you want hot gummy on gummy action, singing dancing and crazy digital effects then welcome home Johnny. This is like a bollywood production focused solely on delicious candy. These gummy bears have never looked better. A fantastic collaboration of flavor and funk, taste and talent, sweetness and sweet grooves! This gummy bear song (English) has made me a better man.Not Korean, or Farsi, or Spanish this gummy bear song in English video is specifically the brits and yanks of the English speaking countries. The world wide phenomena of gummy bear songs has hit an all time high. Much like the bible the hit jam has been translated into many languages. Ranging from Sanskrit to Catalan but only this clip is for the English speakers which is good since this paragraph is in English. So if you can read this then you can enjoy the gummy bear song sensation that the rest of the world has been enjoying for years!

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