Gummy Bear Song

Posted by DavidWivell on Mar. 09, 2008

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The Gummy Bear sings the Gummy Bear Song. The classic candy sings and dances. This is not snickers nor skittles. This is a Great Gummy Bear, a Jelly Giant singing for your amusement. What he lacks in bear qualities he more than makes up for in cuteness, and pure jelly goodness. This song is hilarious and needs to be heard by all. By all I mean Gummy Bear enthusiasts. Gummy Bear aficionados. And all humans everywhere.This video has taken the world by storm. The dance club fave has hit all shores and caused a stampede for the delicious jelly treats. This is great news for us but terrible news for horses. The demand for gelatin has been at an all time high as this has caught on with children and adults alike. Hopefully this intense craze will end before the horse goes the way of the dodo.

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