GTA in Empire City

Posted by GakAttack on Nov. 13, 2011

FB- http-// | Tweet- http-// Welcome to Empire City - a place where you can do whatever you want. This is a GTA inspired pilot for a web series involving brutal fight scenes, guns, chicks, drugs, and gangs. But most of all, its a story about survival in an unforgiving world. if youd like to support my vision in creating this comedic/mafioso series, please share this video with your friends! Facebook- https-// Twitter- https-// _____________________________________________________________________ Special Thanks to- Geoff Meech Jacky Wong Music Credit- Title- Enter the Ironman Composers- Count de Money, Jack Arel, Pierre Dutour Publisher- Koka Media

Categories Transportation

Tags city, auto, gang, gangster, grand, 360, stealing, mafia, triad, gta, crime, benz, nico, rockstar, yakuza, gta4, belic, gak, xbox 360, gakattack, gta v, grand theft auto series

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