Grey Corridor #1: Alien Under The Bed (Woods Ulmanns vlog)

The inaugural episode of the web series/character blog The Grey Corridor, featuring Woods Ulmann, the writer of a book called Xenophobia, which detailed his experiences with alien abduction and the UFO phenomenon. Suffering from writers block and a crumbling marriage, Woods decides to go 21st century and blog/vlog about the alien question instead of working on the follow-up to Xenophobia. In this episode, Woods buys a video camera to begin investigating some of the stranger occurrences that have been plaguing him. With it, he hopes to silence the nay-sayers who do not believe he has been repeatedly abducted by aliens, stalked by government officials, and harassed by hostile skeptics. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WOODS ULMANN, READ HIS BLOG AT WWW.WOODSULMANN.COM