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Green ORO offers large selection of green wedding bands, eco friendly wedding bands, green wedding rings, eco friendly wedding rings, green earth jewelry. Green ORO a new jewelry company that is launched and have a lot less expensiveness prices then Green Karat. You can check their website and find lot of green jewelry pieces that are alike green karat but at very competitive rates. They specialize in green wedding bands and non-conflict diamond rings. The company is as green, environmentally and socially conscious, as a jeweler can be and unique thing is that they are offering three very exciting features which no one is offering right now.1- Green Box Program2- One Tree & One Ring a Time3- Make Your Own ORO Ring4- ORO Certificate of Authenticity [ Each ring you buy from carries a Unique Tag Number ]The head of the company is Shimon Farkas and you can see how extensive her background is in all things green at her current website.