Great Gift Mahjong Deck of Cards with special effects animation

Posted by MrMahjong on Nov. 24, 2009

This can make a great gift for your relatives and friends who are in the miliary, deployed soldiers, or students in the universities, especially dormitories. This is a very affordable but comprehensive deck of cards. You can play all the different variations of the game, and there are new additional cards so more than 4 people can play at th esame time.After you preorder, make sure you let your friends and family know so that they will also order, that way your card deck does not get messed up -- they will keep asking to use your cards if they dont have one.This is a great gift for people in the military, who get bored easily, and students in the dormitories, and the elderly. These people will thank you for this most entertaining game. This deck was designed by artist Val Zubiri and more artists and brands will follow as soon as we get this off the ground. If you ever play poker or gin rummy, then this is another game to know. We hope to introduce this in casinos.

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