Grasshopper Soccer MEGA FIELD inflatable soccer party

Posted by grasshoppersoccer on Jun. 07, 2012

Visit to find out how to get theMega Field at your party today!Grasshopper Soccer, Australias number onenon competitive soccer provider is proud to introducethe new Grasshopper Soccer Mega Field!The Grasshopper Soccer MEGA Field is a huge inflatable soccerfield which is fully enclosed for your childs enjoyment and safety.The Grasshopper Soccer MEGA Field is perfect for your nextbirthday party as a great way to provide fun and exercise.Our full service party experience provides the Mega Field, funactivities, prizes for all children and a special birthday gift forthe birthday child!You can also rent the Grasshopper Soccer MEGA Field by itself touse at festivals, carnivals, corporate days and other events whereyou want to provide fun and excitement for kids.Grasshopper Soccer, Australias number one non competitive soccerprovider is proud to introduce the new Grasshopper Soccer MegaField!

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