Grandma Bevan - an Unholy Gathering (Episode 1)

Posted by iKind_Media on Jan. 12, 2013

for more videos go to http-// http-// http-// http-// http-// Armed to the dentures with a righteous arsenal of informative and educational flyers, Grandma Bevan rides her holy crusade to a local dance festival, where she suspects many a misled youth and future hell-spawn might be frolicking with the devil - oblivious to both the worlds impending doom and the only true mission of Christ- the 8th Day New Zoarites. GRANDMA BEVAN- A seasoned warrior of Christ makes it her personal mission to end Satans spree of demonic corruption in Durbans young social circles. With the flame of the almighty burning in her bossom, she will not stop until all is saved.

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