Grampian Police Brutality.

Posted by Stryth on Oct. 07, 2011

On Friday 5th of August 2011 an individual was violently assaulted and knocked unconscious. He was bleeding heavily from his mouth, his hand, he had urinated himself and he was making grunting noises, appearing to be choking on his tongue. I was the first responder and was applying first aid and trying to wake him up before the ambulance arrived. The police arrived first, and they were hitting him hard on his face, trying to wake him up. He came to, panicked and this is what they did to him. I was filming their actions because I believed it to be brutal, heavy handed and a complete mis-use of their power. An officer tried to take my phone and when I raised my arm and moved my phone out of his reach, I was wrestled to the ground, had my face rammed into the concrete, my arms forced behind my back, beaten around the body with their fists, hand-cuffed, picked up by my arms, rushed down the alley with my head forced down and my arms up the air behind me, causing lacerations and bruising to my wrists before bein

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