Gorilla Enters Pro Wrestling

Posted by Dingbatz on Mar. 28, 2012

A desperate wrestling manager puts a real gorilla in a gorilla suit, then enters him into professional wrestling. Everyone just thinks its a normal human in that suit until the bodies start flying. Starring Ryan Smiley Katz (Sinister Smiles) - user/rixleplix Noah Sife - user/AONSProductions Chris Rubeiz - user/gymbez Sy Ozcan (Andy Bambino) - twitter @SyOzcan Chris Zielke Dennis Parian Kyle Cowgill - @KyletheDingbat Shot by Vince Foster - user/onempty1 Sound by Chris Zielke Written and Directed by Kyle Cowgill Special Thanks to Santino Bros Wrestling!

Categories Animals

Tags monkey, sketch, dingbat

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