Google Glasses Troll of Larry King

Posted by Walter-El-Maestro-645 on Jun. 28, 2012

Using my Google Glasses I take Project Glass to a new level of awkwardness..... SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW This is me with my Google Glasses at the Friars Club Roast of Betty White..... You can see clips of me being awkward with Oscar Nunez from The Office Dominic Chianese from The Sopranos Regis Philbin and Larry King ( I almost kiss him ) thanks to my awesome peeps for making it happen Shooter : Miguel Mungia Editor: Harry Glennon Seriously though.....Larry King is making a fat comeback on Check it out if you dont believe me. See my other videos How to Trick People into Thinking Youre Owen Wilson How to Make a Kardashian aka Kardashian = Sh** Category: Comedy Tags: walter masterson oscar nunez larry king dominic chianese regis philbin betty white friars club roast google google glasses googl

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