Goodbye Sara Hennessey Teaser Trailer

Posted by sarahennessey on Dec. 09, 2010

A six episode web series coming Spring 2011 Written and Created by Sara Hennessey Directed and Edited by Philipp Berg Music by Gravity Wave Sara Hennessey is always getting dumped by guys for different reasons. One week she isnt mysterious or spontaneous enough, next week she isnt good at being maternal, and another, she is just way too mean to other women; what will it be for the next guy? Sara can never seem to figure these things out before its too late. But that doesnt stop her from seeking to fix her supposed flaws in the hopes that it will win someone back. With Saras bizarre way of coping with rejection and her persistent drive for self-improvement, for Sara Hennessey, saying Goodbye is just the start of a zany new adventure!

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