"GoodBYE MY Friends

GOODBYE MY FRIENDS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music By Tj (aka MoonDogUnplugged) Lyrics by Tj & Bonita M Jobes Spoken: GoodBye My Friends, I'll miss you dearly. I'll hold you forever in my heart. -Musical Solo ...Nice one Tj ...Thank you, thank you very much. -Musical Intro Singing: GoodBye My Friends. This Is Not The End, It's Just the Beginning, Of Something New. Don't Miss Me Too Much, I'll Catch You On The Flip Side Babe! GoodBye My Friends, Good Bye. It's Come To a head. Better Leave Before I'm DEAD. You've All Been, Good Friends To Me. CHORUS ~~~~~~~ Have I Ever Said, How Much You Meant To Me? You Are My Best Friend, And I'll Miss you To Death. Have I Ever Said, How Much I adore you? You Are My Best Friend and there's no replacing you. Spoken: There is no replacing you, ...my friend Written and recorded on September 6, 2008.