Good Times 4x4s Club Rembering Duane Sturrys Sergent at Arms

Posted by TheOutlawVideoSS on Aug. 19, 2009

all the Music is from Dizzle at http-// also more videos of Good Times Events and Duane Steurrys at http-// Good Times 4x4s Miss the Hell out of Duane But im Keeping his Truck Alive and Running from Year to Year so we can Remember Duane and his Truck and you will see me making videos from time to time like this so we can Remember Him... Thanks for your time today and i love Making Videos for you all to watch i hope you all Rate them the way you feel and Please comment to me also if you wish to... Ida and me Thank you all for watching... The Outlaw and the Mud mama... TheOutlawVideoSS

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