Gone With The Wind 70th Anniversary What a Woman

Posted by WarnerBrosOnline on Nov. 02, 2009

On Blu-ray and DVD at http://bit.ly/1nVPfo . Period romance. War epic. Family saga. Popular fiction adapted with crowd-pleasing brilliance. Star acting aglow with charisma and passion. Moviemaking craft at its height. These are sublimely joined in the words Gone with the Wind. This dynamic and durable screen entertainment of the Civil War-era South comes home with the renewed splendor of a New 70th-Anniversary Digital Transfer capturing a higher-resolution image from Restored Picture Elements than ever before possible. David O. Selznick’s monumental production of Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book can now enthrall new generations of home viewers with a majestic vibrancy that befits one of Hollywood’s greatest achievements.

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