Goldfellas (Goodfellas spoof of Goldman Sachs)

Posted by MatthewRittberg on Aug. 24, 2009

Comedian Matt Rittberg ( creates a hilarious spoof of Goodfellas based on Goldman Sachs outrageous compensation and Wall Street excess. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldmans CEO, sent out a memo recently telling his top employees not to buy anything flashy with their bonuses. This a parody of the scene after the heist where De Niro tells his mob guys the same thing! Is Goldman stealing from the American public? Watch this video and decide for yourself. Written and Directed by Matt Rittberg Director of Photography - Matt Kohn Starring- JL Cauvin Nick Turner Matt Rittberg Barry Rothbart Laura Prangley Aimee Gottesman Sam Russell-Guliver

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