Gold! Beds! Bears! Stories! #172 Watch our exemplary ...

Posted by Frederator on Mar. 24, 2009

?John Brown's Body - "The Gold"? Submitted by Mike Healey & Kelly Goelle Walter's Bed Submitted by Ebon Zboch Black & White, Episode 44: "Bearly Worth Watching" Submitted by Jon Izen Stories from the Neighbourhood Submitted by Jon Humphreys  It's time for another awesome Channel Frederator, kids!? First up, a huginormously vast expanse of animation talent coming together to make a sweet music video, The Gold, by John Brown's body.? Next up, a pretty rad sleepwalking adventure that would give Little Nemo a run for his money.? On deck is a cartoon that's bearly worth watching.? And in the hole is Jon Humphrey rocking it pop-up-book stylez.The Robot pulls and R2-D2 and starts tweeting:?

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