Go Skate Day Venice 2008

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 20, 2010

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Red Bull, Globe, Enjoi, Darkstar, Almost, Blind, Speed Demons, Tensor, and Transworld Skateboarding partnered up to Celebrate Go Skate Day in true fashion in Venice with over 5000 of our closest friends. Hip Hop Shows with Casual from Hieroglyphics, El Da Sensei, Mr Choc, DJ Revolution, Gel Roc, HOPP, Khak Black, Leggo and more. All the rippers rolled out for the celebration: Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Jake Duncombe, Mark Appleyard, Luan De Oliviera, Louie Lopez, David Gonzales, Ryan decenzo, Danny Supa, Daniel Castillo, Aaron Snyder, Chad Fernandez, Terrell Robinson, Gailea Momolu, Cooper Wilt, Matt Mumford, Chris Roberts, Jorge Comelli, and many more... End of the day, Am Chris Van Berkom, or Berky, took home the change and the victory deck of winning Go Skate 08. Check out the video from this year and we'll see ya back in Venice next year.

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