GMC Yukon Speedometer Instrument Cluster Repair Review for

Posted by Johny-Max-561 on Jun. 21, 2013

I own a 2004 GMC Yukon. I had problems with my fuel gauge. The gas gauges showed full all the time, did not matter how much fuel was in the car. I always ran out of gas. It was such a problem, because I never knew how much fuel was in my car. I would always be late to work or get stuck in the road because ran out of gas. I found a place online called They rebuild speedometer clusters. It costed me $75 go get the full cluster repaired. My friend is a mechanic he removed the cluster from the vehicle and I sent the cluster to MyAirbags and in 3 days I had it back in my SUV. It working like new again. I love what MyAirbags did for me. I am not stressed out any longer driving my car and afraid of getting stranded. I recommend these guys. There website is and there phone number is 678-778-8890

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