WARNING ! Bad language,,,badly recorded. The Gladiator battle scene in Germania. What the original gladiator battle began as. Yeah, right. Again sound level issues, Pain in the arse recording voice with cam mic, gotta get a proper mic. and some good sound software. sound okay on playback but after processing on youtube its a different fish. oh well. prob this version you see has been reworked a few times to get the right levels for youtube. Just realised on playback, edited with headphones, plays back better listening through headphones. Ohhh the old audio black arts is something i will have to get top grips with someday, like i will have to angelina jolie, people - its fated, what can you do but accept your fate. Russel crowe ridley scott glaiator movie hans zimmer lisa gerrardgladiator the battle. russell crowe, Ridley Scott, hans zimmerman, lisa, gerrard