Girls Strip Poker

Posted by downstairsguys on Jan. 21, 2009

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Girls strip poker night is so much better than playing regular poker with your friends. This video is an example of what can go wrong on poker night because none of the girls lose their cloths but it’s still better than an all guy poker game. I hate playing regular poker because I work hard for my money and I hate losing it. With girls strip poker all that’s going to happen is you wind up naked with a girl or the girl winds up naked with you, either way you’re half way to bone town. Sometimes I go to Las Vegas and play video poker at the bar late night because it seems to be a good place to find super hot girls. You just better hope you won because the girls you meet late night in Vegas usually cost a few dollars!This is a video of a couple guys and girls playing darts, and all the sudden the decide to spice things up with a little strip poker action. What they thought was going to turn into a party with cards and girls taking off their clothes just turned into sloppy mess of the guys taking their clothes off because they lost. The fat guy gets nervous and starts sweating which leads to everyone feeling uncomfortable.

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