Posted by ldkfjghbrafgyahfh on Jun. 11, 2012

Stupid Little Bitch Getting Knocked The F#@% Out Funny as Hell HAHAHA!!!!!!! She So Deserved It Nothing Butt A Lying Cheating Filthy Whore. Did I Mention She Stinks Like Calamari That's Been Left Out In The Sun For Weeks. Think Your Hot Shit Your Not Learn How To Fight Before You Go Starting Shit Shit Breath. Or Maybe Start Wearing A Helmet That Would Help With That Ugly Ass Face You Got To. Just Got To No. Were You Born That Stupid Or Is It Something You've Been Working On For Awhile? Ant So Pretty Now Are Ya Cunt. Look At Your Head Whip Back. Damn I Wish She Would Of Kicked You In The Mouth While You Were Down. Props To The Girly That Knocked That Selfish Snatch Out. Hey Sorry Set Of Tits Cant Wait To See The Sequel. Shit Stain Maybe Next Time You'll Stay At Home So None Of Us Have To Smell You. Have You Been Eating Dog Shit Again I Told Ya That's What Would Happen When You Blow That Nasty Breath On Some One. Maybe Next Time You Might Think Twice About Putten Clean Undies On Before You Go Out In Public Coul

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