Gilli Moons The Stillness, The Lonely Sound, Cigarette Girl,

Posted by actorschecklist on Nov. 07, 2010

This month on video you will see Australian singer/songwriter, producer, and author, Gilli Moon ( in Im Alive a music video released along with her sixth album, the stillness, on her own label, Warrior Girl Music, as well as a new motivational handbook, Just Get Out There, for creative entrepreneurs. Director/Editor Joe Harris teaser, The Lonely Sound, the follow up to a Nine Inch Nails music video-film titled Love, the Black Lounge from Texas-based Team AMSTELLARDAM (, a group of young creatives gathered together in Texas. consisting of Writer/Producer Kelli Howard (star of The Lonely Sound), Director of Photography HutcH, Composer & Sound Designer Matt Pittman & Visualist/Director/Editor Joe The Visualist Harris. Mike McCarthys GuerrillaMonster Films ( has released futuristic Grindhouse thriller, Cigarette Girl an official selection of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 20

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