Ghostwriter Book Trailer

Posted by cassandrabh on Jul. 15, 2011

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Whos zooming who, here? Love, lust and betrayal create the backdrop for an explosive tale about the consequences of following the heart or the mind. The host of characters will give you plenty to wonder about as some of them appreciate life while others have a high disregard for others. You will never be sure who is on the up and up. Follow Tabby, Star, Bobbie, Sam, Chad, Tilly, and more as they unfold life from their individual viewpoints. Filled with intense erotica, Ghostwriter will keep you and your friends talking about these characters for a long time. With a very strong cast of characters that explore all sexual fences, Ghostwriter presents gays, straights, bisexuals and trannies living their lives, chasing dreams and nightmares.

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