Ghost Caught On Tape

Posted by BellSnig on Feb. 06, 2009

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Make sure the lights are on when yo watch these ghost videos caught on tape! Call the ghost busters and pray to your favorite deity for protection from the paranormal entities that are captured in this terrifying video. Why their immortal souls remain on our earthly plane will never be known. They are tortured horrifying remnants of beings that once were. Doomed and fated to haunt the locations of their past lives. Seriously be careful before you watch these ghost videos caught on tape.Ghost videos caught on tape are exactly what is called for anytime of the year. Enjoy the scare and thank your maker that you are not the people in this video. A truly terrifying account of paranormal activity in an abandoned building captured on tape. These brave souls venture forth into the dark beyond to confront the shade that will not be named only to have it attack them in the most horrifying of ways.

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