Getting my fishing pole back!

o I was fishing last Saturday with Sam and Jon at Lake John and have a funny fish story! While enjoying my second catch of the day, I re-baited my hook and plopped it back in the newly dubbed, honey hole! While talking to John I just happened to look at... my pole and it spring boarded out of its holder and right into the hole. It was unbelievable! Everyone laughed and I did too, accept for losing a twenty dollar pole! I started getting another pole ready and shaking my head wondering what brute of a fish took my pole. A good fifteen minutes goes by and Sammy decides to go see a man about a horse, so I said I would watch his stuff. Sure enough he gets a bite while he is gone and I snag the fish for him. He runs down from the outhouse and I hand it off to him. He tells John to grab the camcorder, this might be a big one! (watch video!)