Posted by mba123abm321 on Dec. 30, 2011

GETTING KICKED OUT OF WALMART!! (PRANKS) while doing the falling prank at the mall we got kicked out. So, I got a revenge prank on him by doing the rude rollup prank to the security guard. We also got thrown out of a walmart later for just being stupid. Someone also called security on the intercom. RobyCtv (camera guy) http-// Hydro (hipster) http-// My twitter (is good) http-// My personal facebook (cause were friends, right?) http-// Background Music- Scheming Weasel Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Tags prank walmart prank getting kicked out mall prank falling prank revenge intercom security guard prank gone wrong funny funnymenow funny pranks funny pranks humor comedy

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