Get a flat stomach in 3 minutes with a sledgehammer

Posted by JamesCaffey on Jan. 17, 2010

From – I liedThe Video last for 3 minutes and you of course can’t lose belly fat in 3 minutes no matter what you do but here’s the good news…I got 2 sledgehammer workouts you can do right now to lose all or most of your belly fat in less than 3-5 weeks so go here…5min sledgehammer workout here: sledgehammer workout here: do these workouts a total of 4-to-6 times a week to reduce belly fat or lose all your belly fat.To see more fat burning workouts go here: remember to also go on a good diet to get rid of belly fat and if you want more info on how to get rid of belly fat – look at my other video here on YouTube for how to lose belly fat fast in 5min but when you go to watch that video – realize that you cannot lose belly fat in 5min – I only named the video “how to lose belly fa

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