Jellyfish cause the earth to explode!

Posted by PlazzMah on Jan. 27, 2013

Gestation is a video about the experience of pre-birth consciousness. The idea of an egg and an infinity snake is such an archetypal image that it can be found in ancient Greek and Egyptian culture, but I was actually first exposed to it in my dreams. By taking specific imagery that already exists for free use in the public domain, this piece reappropriates it to simply scratch at such a lofty concept. I tried to accompany it with Germanic sounding electronica as if it were a soundtrack to some science fiction movie. Enjoy and share it if you like it. P.S. All of Plazz Mahs assemblage videos contain footage that exists in the public domain. This is non-commercial usage of that footage. Pure pleasure only.

Categories Nature

Tags psychedelic, assemblage, cosmic egg, pre birth consciousness, infinity snake, video poem

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