Gator Attacks Trainer at Cuyahoga County Fair 2012

Posted by promvid on Aug. 12, 2012

Gator gets grabby with trainer to the horror of fair audience. Can Albert Lucas sell a performance or what? Hes the announcer urging Cuyahoga County Fair-goers to photograph trainer Dan Beck with his hand inside a gators mouth hopefully not stuck. But if it is, thats a good picture, too! Oh, its a hell of a picture. Just watch as the gator munches on Becks arm while children scream and moms tell their little ones not to look. Lucas manages to pry the reptiles jaws apart and Beck heads to the hospital without so much as a bow. Well, folks, these things happen, Lucas says cheerfully. Well be back tomorrow. Uh, not so much. Fair officials closed down the show — theyll be sticking to petting zoos, thanks.

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