Gangster Banana - Rap Freestyle

Posted by Steven-Lownes-760 on Apr. 23, 2012

LYRICS- Yo, Ha Haaaaa, Healthy Snacks Baby Im a Banana, and Ive got skin like Homer The ideal breakfast that shaped like a Boner Im healthy like a salad doin a sit-up Im full of energy but I dont get to kick the ball much Im the primate treat that doesnt monkey around, And if you see me on the streets then youll slip on ground Im sweet and full of fibre I belong in a gallery The on-the-go snack with only 99 calories Ive got vitamin Bs, Ive got Vitamin Cs Ive got monkey tryin snatch me when they swinging from trees 1 of your 5 a day homie, so what snacks are you rocking? Show this fruit some love when you next out shopping. YES!!! Healthy Snacks Baby Ha Haaaaa

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