Galaxy Gulp

Posted by NoesisInteractiv on May. 12, 2008

Synopsis "Galaxy Gulp" is a comedy about the eccentric visitants to a small filling station located between disparate worlds. Description "Galaxy Gulp" is a short machinima film made to illustrate different concepts and techniques for making machinima using Valve’s Source game engine. It is a comedy set in a gas station located on an asteroid in the middle of space. When making the film, we wanted to show some of the different models in action that had already been developed for previous Noesis Interactive projects. However, their diversity was so extreme that no typical setting seemed to encompass them. Thus, an environment was imagined that was detached from the standard Half-Life sphere and promoted the melding of characters, situations and realities. Many different techniques were used in creating this movie, resulting in a piece both entertaining and bizarre. Director Biography Ross Scott is a 25 year old film and game enthusiast. He became interested in machinima in 2006, seeing it as a way to mak

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