Funny Solar Dolls

Posted by Chinagiftssupply on Dec. 07, 2008

Kid's sitting reluctantly on stump, an appearance Luan Luan's posture, so long as the sunlight bright day, will have the excitement which he will assume an air of self approbation. Do not look at him to be small, can take to you equally the happy talks and laughters! Does plays the part of for the vehicle has the selling point similarly. the this section of solar energy baby considers with the solar energy takes the power, does not need the battery, so long as in has the little light place (light also to be possible), the forehead about will swing, cannot want it until you to swing switches off it, will save the electricity environmental protection, will use in the normal condition, the life may amount to for 5 years, will be lives at the decoration, the automobile decoration, to give a present the promotion first choice.

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