Funny Shit! Scaring My Wife!

Posted by Lefty723 on Apr. 05, 2009

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This is some funny shit. I set up the dot scare game for my wife. Turned up the speakers, and let her play. I recorded the whole thing so I could make a video of this funny shit. She was so angry at me after but then watched the video and realized just how hilarious it was. This is by far the funniest video I have ever made it was so funny I almost shit myself. She was angry for a while but it was worth it to get a video of this funny shit!This video is some funny shit. A hilarious groom decides to scare his bride with a great video. The wife believes she's just watching a simple movie. Little does she know the surprise that awaits her. This horrifying clip forces her to release a blood curdling scream that will haunt your nights. Hopefully she wont divorce her husband over this funny shit.

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