Funny Dogs Being Cute!

Posted by CrapFactory on Oct. 08, 2008

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I love this funny dogs video. Its got hilarious dogs acting out against their masters while still being mans best friend. They are lovable canine companions who happen to crack us up with their crazy, funny behavior. This funny dogs video has small puppies, and big dogs all acting insane and adorable, or as I like to say insanely adorable. These dogs are cute and cuddly and hilarious. Check out this funny dogs video today!Funny dogs video taped for the win. These are truly mans best friends. These puppies have brilliant comic timing and well written material. Before I would have wondered if cute canines have the vocal talent to pull of stand up comedy. But after this incredible video there is no doubt these pooches can stand up with the best of them. These are truly some very very funny dogs.

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