Funny Cats Eating Burger King Hamburgers From Swedish Burger Kin

Posted by bristalron on Feb. 06, 2012

My cat Zola the talking cat now shows cats love burger king. Cat eating hamburger from Burger King in Sweden. Burger King Burgers made her way (Grin) More funny cat videos, funny cat photos and cat pages with this funny cats found on my funny cats website http-// *This cat is a talking cat that can really talk but in this video my cats being so hungry as she loves hamburgers and cheeseburgers from Burger King. In the usa my cat would not eat Mcdonalds Hamburgers nor should she for they were too much grease yet in Sweden Mcdonalds is not as much grease and she does like the burgers from Mcdonalds just not as much as homemade food or swedish food and burger king burgers grin. Swedish Burger King the Swedish King even cats love grin. I have videos of Sweden and Denmark with real Swedish foods and info on Swedish life vs usa life etc on http-// in case you wanted more than just funny cats or my cat videos via my youtube videos of my cat and I (Grin) site also has cat and d

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