Funny Cat Helps Make a How To Video

Posted by KittyCatBliss on Jan. 12, 2011

Please subscribe -) Visit Meeshas website- He saw the lights set up. He saw the camera was out. He just couldnt understand why I wasnt filming him. I was making a howto video for another one of my channels, tiffanyblisshowto, and Meesha insisted on helping. Every few minutes he was trying to get in the middle of the action. Hes such a funny cat. He loves the camera. You know that old warner bros. cartoon of the dancing frog who wouldnt perform when other people were watching? Well, Meesha is just the opposite. He sees the camera and hes like- Its time! Im on! Hows my hair? MAKE-UP! Yeah hes a funny cat =^.^=

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