FUNNY CARTOON DRAWINGS (Original) by Fuzzy Soul Tiger

Posted by FuzzySoulTiger on Dec. 17, 2011

In the spirit of Comic Con, I thought Id share some original funny cartoon drawings with you, some of which are included in all four of my published books. Becoming a cartoonist was my 1st dream ambition before singing and songwritng. What was yours? Are you pursuing it or not, or getting back into it? Which drawing do you like best? Be sure to checkout my published books which Ive written and drawn- Every Day, I Am Road Rage! Candles in my Closet- The Love Book Hope Rising Chocolates Before Coffee view the video for author name and title to look for -) E-Mail me if you have any questions @ Stay tuned every Friday Night to see what I do next on the channel that will make you FEEL GOOD, like James Brown!

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Tags animation, drawing, anime, manga, comic book, comic con, original artist

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