Funkmeyer Show: Want Salvation? You gotta FIGHT for it!

Posted by funkmeyers on Mar. 22, 2009

In this episode, we cover: -Old wounds -Pushing up daisies -Letting people know how you really feel about them -Being willing to fight it out and lose everything -Realizing you gon' be dead sucka! So Jenny woke up feeling a burning desire to yell at her sister. Otis told her to go for it. That the only way out of these situations is through them. Often times as we move along our spiritual path, we become more and more scaredy cat like. Not wanting to stir the pot. Not wanting to cause a fuss. Not wanting to be un-spiritual. LET IT GO! FIGHT IT OUT! GROW A PAIR! Let's show each other our true colors! Our true colors are so beautiful! These wounds and hurts aren't gonna heal themselves so let's get proactive and heal them together! Assume that these people come into our lives to give us the opportunity to develop these qualities, to push out of our shells and to force us, even if it's very awkwardly, to grow! Yell Scream Bite! Kick Punch Claw! WE'RE GONNA GET TO THE PROMISED LAND! Don't be ...

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