Funkmeyer Show: Funkmiracles with LM! Bask in the Glory of Li...

Posted by funkmeyers on Apr. 03, 2009

In this episode, we cover:-Our new segment Funkmiracles, where we let the Funkateers tell you the miracles they are experiencing!-The fact that your beliefs create your realities-That miracles are REAL!So we had an AWESOME day today. We rode our bike 5 miles to Larchmont Village neighborhood (a real nice cozy part of LA) through Hancock Park (a real beautiful old-school big-house-and-all type neighborhood) to meet up with our new friend LM and work on our audio course.We ended up having a great talk and sharing great food and great times and doing a great recording. Lots of great going on!LM told us a great story of massive synchronicity and believing in the beneficence of the light and we thought we gotta share this with the Funkateers. So here you go!WE LOVE YOU!Jenny & Otis

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