Funkmeyer Show: Brush Your Teeth Right!

In this episode, we cover: -How to properly brush your teeth -Why we are showing you this -Why you can't trust dentists So today Jenny was on fire! She was working hard, having brilliant ideas, and fully in love! Next thing I know, her mouth stinks! Too much tea! So I told her to brush her teeth. Which she did. When she came back, her mouth still stunk. I said, WHOA! You don't know how to brush your teeth do you!? I then proceeded to teach her how to brush her teeth, which is something I had to figure out on my own. Brushing your teeth is primarily a gum massage, not a teeth cleaning! For cleaning your teeth, you need to FLOSS! Which is much more important than brushing your teeth anyway! So we wanted to share this with you, in case you didn't know! Good hygiene is important in the new reality! Let's be happy and healthy and clean! Treat our bodies like the temples they are!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Hope you enjoy! Otis & Jenny