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A Safe and Effective Male Enhancement Product Effectiveness and safety are two of the most important considerations for men who are behind a male enhancement product. There are products, usually chemical-based ones, which prove to be very effective but carry dangerous side-effects and thus inappropriate for use as a male enhancement product. Some products, mostly natural male enhancement products, even though quite safe to use, are found wanting when the effectiveness is considered or when how fast their results are considered. How about a male enhancement product that is safe, effective and provide fast results? That is exactly what Full Throttle Ondemand is. It is a completely natural male enhancement product that provides you a boost in sexual performance without any adverse side-effects. The advanced laboratory technique used in extracting the active compounds from the potent natural ingredients in its special formula, Rhodiola Rosea, Cynomorium Songaricum and Muira Puama, is what separates it from the re

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