Ft. Worth Police Vs. FORKLIFT Police used Taser! (Video 2 of 2)

Posted by Nathan-Lowery-831 on Aug. 23, 2011

This suspect show here in the video was chugging and throwing beers out while standing up and screaming as he ran from the cops during a low speed police chase.... Nobody was hurt during this chase. The police eventually used their taser guns however there was little to no effect on the suspect. Reports and rumors state that police did not initially hit the suspect with the taser. (At the 1-50 mark and you can hear the taser) After stopped and the police attempting to taser the suspect, the suspect continued to go on a rampgage of raising and loweing the fork lift and circling in and out of traffic and shopping centers before getting onto hinterstate I-30 from University Dr. in Fort Worth, TX. At the end of the video it is unsure as to what eventually ended the chase. During the chase the suspect would frequently be standing up and/or hanging out and stopping, raising and lowering the forklift in an attempt to take out intersection red-lights and other poles however he failed to do much damage. He could had s

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