From wheelchair to 300.4 lbs to my first 5K run and 45 lbs lost.

Posted by Randy-Morris-303 on May. 10, 2014

After a major back operation, an extended period of paraplegia/hospitals,physical rehabilitation and a significant weight gain up to 300.4 lbs as of October, 2013, I decided to do something major about that after my condition improved enough for me to begin! This is my story and this is my video project that helps to motivate me to keep going. To finish this story of losing 100 lbs I have to create opportunities worthy of videoing which means that I cannot finish this video without results. See how I have set myself up here? :-) I publish this to share with friends and family or anyone who is interested or wants to be motivated to begin what I have begun. Feel free to comment if you like. It simply makes me feel good to have this to share.

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