Friends! Unrequited Love! Boopeedoopeedoo! Owls! 186! ...

Posted by Frederator on Jun. 30, 2009

What is a Friend? Submitted by Tony Dusko Manifestations Submitted by Giles Timms Fco Aragón Submitted by Santi Agustí Some Facts about Owls Submitted by Tony Dusko  Holy Fredbots!  Do we have a show for you today!  First up, we answer the question for the ages:  What is a friend?  Second, in Manefestation, its unrequited love in a maelstrom of war and media and..well, youll see.  Third, we fire up the bunsen burner and mix it up with a little cartoon about chemicals.  And finally, have you ever wondered about owls?  Well, were gonna tell you about them.Who is your favorite anime-girl?  Give Justin and the Robot a call at 888-414-8148 or leave a comment below and let them know!  It could be in next weeks episode.

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